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TAKE-AWAY is artack’s mobile flagship project. Set up as an briskly live-painting-session it allows for exciting interaction between the artists involved and the public. Our collective sessions and artistic get togethers act as a statement against all the «battles», which characterized other live-painting sessions for too long time. What we present can be seen as laid back stage for the boldest artists to crow with unrivalled artistic skills.
The backbone of each TAKE AWAY session is an adjustable wall consisting of a number of loose square plates. Put together the plates form a smooth surface to receive artistic emissions of all sorts – but each and every plate is extractable and thus also replaceable.

For every TAKE-AWAY session a certain number of artists are invited to turn this wall individually or as a team into a work-in-progress limited only by the duration of the session. This work-in-progress takes place right in front of crowd that is eager to acquire original art works as a snip. By pushing the buzzer the audience can actively interfere into the artistic processes and purchasing anything they see on the wall at any time. The plate carrying the theme of their heart will be extracted, signed, sealed and sold for take away. The gaping whole in the wall will be immediately replaced by an untouched new plate – and on and on the story goes! read more about Artacks


Music: KUM026 | Federico Luchetti – Somebody wants love
Available for download

Take Away Session @ Papierkomplizen presented by Artacks |Video & Edit by Triphaseproject



Fafa (Basel/Sevilla)
Tüfujeger (Solothurn)
Rotten Leftovers (Lausanne/Lissabon)
Cutterskink (Spiez/London)
Muke (Bern)
Remor (Zürich)
Osrock (Zürich)
Darla Freeze (Zürich)
Boosher (Genf)
Dr. Acid (Genf)

Artist: Federico Luchetti
Title: Somebody Wants Love EP
Release Date: October 18th, 2012
Cat. No: KUM026
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House, Tech-House

Selected DJ Feedback from:
SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma // Slam) – will give this a couple of listens – thanx
Pierce (Get Digital / MBF / Trapez Ltd.) – really great stuff, unfortunately nothing for my sets, but hey – more then worth listening to – nice!
Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) – nice detroit soulful beats!
Someone Else (foundsound records) – fun ep
Claude VonStroke (dirtybird // mothership) – Downloaded
Joy Kitikonti (Natural Rhythm // Cocoricò (Italy)) – Great release!! Well done!
Rob Mello (Classic Records/ Disco 45) – This is mental.
Eddie Hu (Revox Records , Nervous Records) – good music, thank you
Clark Davis (3rdWaveMusic / Vogelfrei) – nice ep…….
DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso // Rome) (AltroVerso) – playlist in altroverso radio
Fine Cut Bodies (Fabric / Resopal) – Favourite Track: Grow Together // Original Mix nice!
Sander Bongertman (FLASH Recordings) – very good release. especially grow together and equillibrium are nice tunes, will try them!
Alex Kennon (Cimelde, Mimique) – very nice ep! thxx
Homebase (Rakete Nbg) – good ep. i like
westradio.gr (web radio/greece) – great work! thanks
LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS) – Nice release & stuff. Will play & Support.
Stug (xt3radio) (STUG MUSIC // STUG) – Thanx for download!! Grtzzz, Bart van Rijn
Mark Jackus (CusCus Music / www.432.fm) – sounds nice! will test them out!
Thorsten Hammer (Ametist Rec. / Bambo Music / Crossworld Records) – nice ep – thank you
D.Kowalski (Lux23, Liquid Inc.) – „Sewing Difficult Wounds“ is nice! Thanks!
Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord / Feierei.de) – Sounds very nice, will try.
Christian Kornberg (Gauner & Halunken) – nummer 1 ist cool
Robert Grand (additan radio) (Additan Recordings) – Nice! Thanks for the promo.
Mag – Tsugi (Tsugi magazine) – coool ep
Audiopunkz (Damm-Records) – more Equilibrium for me 😉
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM – Sweden) (radio) – Good pack, thanks 😉

Laurent Garnier

Brilliant mix by Jonas Koop – wilplay this a lot

Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton)
have to listen more closely… first impression: I like the Kopp remix the most..

Peter van Hoesen (Lan, TX2)
Cool EP. Four strong tracks, I prefer both remixes. Top notch remix work here from Jonas and Juan.

Len Faki (Ostgut Ton)
massive kopp remix, support!

Lucy (stroboscopic artefacts)
Jonas thank youuuuuu!!! Just perfect 42thefloor remix… absolutely my choice here.

Adam Beyer (Drumcode)
The Jonas Kopp remix rocks my world.

Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Of course the Jonas Kopp remix is dope, Sure player, thanks

Dubfire (SciTec)
Captivate is cool thank you

Luciano (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Ripperton (Perspectiv)
Get together get my favor here, lovely club thing. Juan remix is nice as well. Thanks. ripa

Tim Xavier (Clink)
Very Cool release… can’t wait to check out the hq mp3’s

Nick Warren (Way out West)
Both originals are bang on. Really cool

Alexi Delano (Plus 8, Drumcode)
Wandler – Get Together (Jonas Kopp Get Alone Remix)

Gel Abril (Ovum, Get physical)
jonas kopp mix for me good as usual from him tnx:-)

Tim Lorenz (Groove)
good techno

Groove Armada
nice EP, Support!

Brendon Moeller (rekids | third ear)
jonas saves the day 🙂

Ben Sims (Drumcode)
Jonas Kopp remix is the one for me, rough and tough groover, great stuff, thx

Brett Johnson (Cynosure)
Jonas Kopp mix for me!

Flavius E (Casa del Puente, KUMQUAT)
Wandler get together (Original Mix) is the one for me congrats!!!!

Juan Zolbaran (Arjaus, KUMQUAT)
Wandler get together (Original Mix) is the one for me congrats!!!!

Anna-Lena Borchert (Stadtpark)
great realese! i really like the first track. support in my radio-show!

Ingo Gansara (Exercise One, Dumb Unit)
Great Stuff from Switzerland! The original cuts are the ones for me.

Ali Wells (Perc)
Jonas’ mix is great, as always. Big support from me on his remix

Darko Esser (Wolskull)
Jonas Kopp mix all the way!!!

Jim Rivers
Captivate is quality!

Mihai Popoviciu
cool techno tracks!

Norihiko Kwai (Posivision, Japan)
Captivate original is killa! Juan Zolbaran remix is deep comfortable work. the sound of jonas kopp is unique, really like it . thx

Ulysse (Motoguzzi)
Wandler – Get Together (Original Mix) Thx a lot, the all pack is great, will play for sure!!!

DJ Three (HallucinationLimited.com – NYC)
Jonas mix and Captivate for me. Three

Philip Sherburne (the wire/ pitchfork/ beatportal/ spin)
Feeling “Get Together” — love the subtle melodic dimension, love the bass. “Captivate” sounds really nice too. It’s nice to hear a mixture of real toughness with the softer textures

Marc Tanzmann
get together im original und captivate im remix. im berghain würd ich auch den j. kopp remix rausholen^^.

Ali Wells (Kompakt)
Jonas’ mix is great, as always. Big support from me on his remix. Thanks.

Mihalis Safras
Jonas Kopp remix is f888ing great!!!

Alexis Cabrera (KUMQUAT)
the remixes are bombs, i love the jonas and juan mixes, for differents moments. nice release!

Angel Molina (Sonar/Tresor)
both remixes for me, though Jonas is the my musical hero on the release.

Tolis Q (Quantized Music, KUMQUAT)
excellent release from wandler & kumquat! this is my kind of techno! love all tracks!

Benoit Carretier (Tsugi)
nice ep get together is cool

Cosmic Cowboys
excellent release from wandler & kumquat! this is my kind of techno! love all tracks!

DJ Roko (Sub FM)
Jonas Kopp remix is the ooooooone! sick wan. will play!

Blawan (R&S)
jonas koop remix for me !

Tj Norris (Enzyme)
Wandler’s Get Together is a slick booty shapeshifter. If you are going to marry the night, get in line now!

Andrew Grant (DC10)
Kopp remix for me.. Techno!!!! Juan also does a nice remix… very smooth

Pablo Roman-Alcala (bar25)
Everyone loves Wandler, Keep up to good work!

Nicolas Gomez
Get together original mix is not really for me, but Jonas Kopp remix is huge, and Captivate original mix as well.

Philip Sherburne (beatportal, The Wire)
Feeling “Get Together”… Love the subtle melodic dimension, love the bass. “Captivate” sounds really nice too. It’s nice to hear a mixture of real toughness with the softer textures



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