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Cover Echonomist - Abstract Theory EP
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12″ Vinyl

Artist: Alexis Cabrera & Mattia Bison
Title: Give The Hype EP
Remixer: Barem
Cat. Nr.: KUM032
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Distribution 12″: Decks.de
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris, France)



When acid meets the groove it results in this fruity cocktail of sounds
freshly concocted in the studio of Alexis Cabrera in Venice. With the
collaboration of Mattia Bison: this young Italian producer who, after long
experimentation with synthesizers and drum machines, discovered the right
ingredient that give shape to the two original tracks “Give the Hype” and
“Houseloide” for his debut 12” vinyl release.
We are proud to welcome Mauricio Barembuem to our label, Barem’s remix for
Give the Hype EP is warm, loopy, hypnotic and so acid as our emblematic
orange kumquat fruit!
For your decks!


Echonomist – Abstract Theory EP
Format: 12“ Vinyl
Cat. NR: KUM031
Remixer: Exercise One
Genre: Detroit, House, Garage
Release Date: 08 December 2014


We finish the year with a special release, featuring the intelligent sound of Petros Manganaris aka Echonomist , this renowned and creative producer from Greece brought abstraction to our dancefloor. A pack of 4 mental tracks , with) Diabolo (Original) , Pretty Boy (original) , a co-production with Boot Slap for New Dimension (Original) and the awesome Pretty Boy (remix) of our friends the wicked duo Exercise One!
It’s perhaps time to set your sensuality free, for listening, for dancing, for loving.
We went to higher steps and we are proud about that!


01. Echonomist – New Dimension Feat. Boot Slap (Original)
02. Echonomist – Diabolo (Original)
03. Echonomist – Pretty Boy (Original)
04. Echonomist – Pretty Boy (Exercise One rmx)

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Artist infos


Exercise One


Boot Slap

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Brandub & Andres Gonzalez - Frequency Ship EP







The official video clip for Brandub & Andres Gonzalez upcoming „Frequency Ship ep“ is online now!


Artist: Brandub & Andres Gonzalez
Title: Frequency Ship EP
Cat. Nr.: KUM030
Distribution: Beatport | 30th May 2014
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris)

Mike Shannon


Any historian who takes it upon themselves to pen the tale of Canadian electronic in the years to come will most certainly find the name Mike Shannon figures early and often in it’s telling. From his humble beginnings in the sleepy suburban town of Kitchener Ontario, the last 15 years have seen him become an internationally lauded producer with albums on 3 of the industry’s most respected labels (Plus 8, Force Inc, ~Scape), as well as a steady stream of consistently charted singles and remixes.


A true “DJ’s DJ”, he has won legions of fans and the respect of his peers alike for his deep crates and lightning fast mixing skills. And while some may suggest he has gravitated towards smoother, deeper selections as the years go by, those in the know will tell you he has few equals when it comes to whipping dance floors into a relentless techno frenzy should you catch him on a night with that mischievous twinkle in his eye.


Those fortunate enough to catch one of Mike’s rare live performances are encouraged to do so with an open mind, as it is in this context that the breadth of his creativity truly shines. From the shuffling house and techno of his solo performances to the narcotic jazz of his new Blue Fields project alongside singer Fadila and guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, his is a musical vision which easily wriggles free of the usual genre signifiers and pays grand dividends to those with the good sense to get nice and close to the speakers; the devil is most certainly in the details as the old saying goes.


Yet beyond all of this, perhaps his greatest achievement has been his unfailing support of the music and people he loves. As head A&R and damn near everything else of Cynosure and formerly Revolver Canada Recordings (alongside Jeff Milligan) for over 10 years, Mike has shown an uncanny ability to select and release tracks which have become go-to fixtures in the sets of the industry’s best DJs, as well as introducing the world to the work of some of his nearest and dearest before anyone knew their names (Akufen, Deadbeat, Ernesto Ferrerya). Far from pursuing the next one hit wonder or sound of the season, his steadfast curatorial vision and passion for the music have earned him the trust of discerning music connoisseurs the world over.


Mike Shannon lives and works in Berlin.








For a good decade now has been Gonzalo Urtizberea (a.k.a. Gurtz) incarnating his creative potential into diverse beeps, bleeps, twists and tweaks. Having evolved from classical music studies to the world famous electronic music producer/dj.


In the recent years he rocked best dancefloors and festivals of Europe and Both Americas (Watergate, Weekend or Bar25/Berlin, Fuse/Brussels, Moog/Barcelona, Nouveau Casino/Paris, Arma17/Moscow, Toy Club/Stuttgart, Hive/Zurich, Avalon/Los Angeles, Overground Festival/Geneva, Mutek/Arg or Minitek Festival/NYC) and has been releasing his tracks on well-known labels, such as Einmaleins, Lomidhigh, Igloo,Liga Elektronika,Recovery Tech or Telegraph, to name a few.


Creative and collaborative, he has remixed and been remixed by such techno stars as Bruno Pronsato, Dandy Jack, Ryan Crosson, Mark Henning, Seph, Dapayk, Ambivalent, Franco Cinelli, Agaric, Dilo, Funzion, etc, and his bright live performances have gained the artist passionate affection everywhere from his home land Argentina all the way to Eastern Europe.


Within his most recent project under the aliases of Gonzales, he ventured off towards eclectic synergy of rhythmic twisted house with thoughtful and eternal epic melodies.


As a talented and versatile artist, is not only mixing, creating his own music, but also supporting and promoting other producers and kinds of electronic music and multimedia media art, not necessarily tied to the dance floor, throughout his own net label www.naturalmedia.com.ar.









Artist: 04LM aka Oswld

Title: Youngplanet EP

Remixer: Brendon Moeller aka Echologist


Cat. Nr.: KUM028

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Distribution: Decks.de |

Mastering by: Robert Elster (Elster Mastering, Sweden)

Camera & Edit by: www.triphaseproject.ch



KUMQUAT went deep into the suburbs of Buenos Aires and hunted Oswld.

On a period of intense creativity and under a new moniker: 04LM project was launched.

With eponymous name the 12″ EP release explores a deeper side of techno, harmonious and combined with melodic synth patches.

Sensitive and lacerating, 04LM got some inspiration from movie sound composers such as Angelo Badala- menti (o.s.t. Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet) and Giorgio Moroder (o.s.t Midnight Express, Scarface).

Oswld put his imprint of the remix, rhythmic with Detroit techno influences, whose past releases at Non Series got strong support by representative of the genre such as Ben Klock, Dustin Zahn, Chris Liebing, Truncate, Jonas Kopp, and more.

Member of the dub techno community, the New York based South African Brendon Moeller aka Echologist put his signature on two driving remixes with organic sounds and experimental approach. After his 9th album and countless releases Brendon reinvents himself with every track he produces. „His goal is first and foremost, to create timeless, quality music that resonates with people from all walks of life“.




We are very happy to announce our upcoming vinyl!

Artist: 04LM aka Oswld
Title: Youngplanet EP
Remixer: Brendon Moeller aka Echologist
Cat. Nr.: KUM028
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Mastering by: Robert Elster (Elster Mastering, Sweden)

Distribution: Decks.de | Pre-order: Now | Shop: September 2013







Available for download

Artist: Alexis Cabrera
Title: Fairy Tale EP
Cat. No: KUM027
Genre: Tech-House
Release Date: 30 May 2013 – Beatport Exclusive


KUMQUAT welcomes back argentine producer Alexis Cabrera. This release is packed with 4 emotional dance floor driven tracks. The Fairy Tale EP track reflects a never-ending journey trough latin based rhythms, glitchy percussions and heavyweight grooves paired with soulful vocals.


As a self taught musician, Cabrera started to experiment with music at a very young age. After having spent six years of conservatory studies, his music flourished. Cabrera’s style can best be defined as a tech house sound with groovy bases. He performs exclusively live, singing his own songs on the fly. His songs was released on labels like Mindshake Records, Kumquat Records, Time has changed, Great Stuffs and many many more. In 20111 he co-produced Barem’s „After the Storm“, along with Barem himself, released on Minus[Minus 110]. He also worked with Jorge Savoretti and Matteo Spedicati for AMAM.


Cabrera’s eager talent is not limited to dance floor-oriented tracks, and this can be seen in his work under the a.k.a. CABRI, most suited for relaxing times. Alexis Cabrera without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of producers of Argentina and his discography shows collaborations with credible top artists of the world such as Barem, Someone Else, Kate Simko, Guti, Franco Cinelli, Jorge Savoretti, Matteo Spedicati, Violett, Ariel Rodz, Juan Zolbaran and Ronan Portela, among others.


We hope you enjoy this release as we do !!!


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