Upcoming Release: KUM026 Somebody Wants Love EP

Artist: Federico Luchetti
Title: Somebody Wants Love EP
Release Date: October 18th, 2012
Cat. No: KUM026
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House, Tech-House

Selected DJ Feedback from:
SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma // Slam) – will give this a couple of listens – thanx
Pierce (Get Digital / MBF / Trapez Ltd.) – really great stuff, unfortunately nothing for my sets, but hey – more then worth listening to – nice!
Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) – nice detroit soulful beats!
Someone Else (foundsound records) – fun ep
Claude VonStroke (dirtybird // mothership) – Downloaded
Joy Kitikonti (Natural Rhythm // Cocoricò (Italy)) – Great release!! Well done!
Rob Mello (Classic Records/ Disco 45) – This is mental.
Eddie Hu (Revox Records , Nervous Records) – good music, thank you
Clark Davis (3rdWaveMusic / Vogelfrei) – nice ep…….
DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso // Rome) (AltroVerso) – playlist in altroverso radio
Fine Cut Bodies (Fabric / Resopal) – Favourite Track: Grow Together // Original Mix nice!
Sander Bongertman (FLASH Recordings) – very good release. especially grow together and equillibrium are nice tunes, will try them!
Alex Kennon (Cimelde, Mimique) – very nice ep! thxx
Homebase (Rakete Nbg) – good ep. i like
westradio.gr (web radio/greece) – great work! thanks
LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS) – Nice release & stuff. Will play & Support.
Stug (xt3radio) (STUG MUSIC // STUG) – Thanx for download!! Grtzzz, Bart van Rijn
Mark Jackus (CusCus Music / www.432.fm) – sounds nice! will test them out!
Thorsten Hammer (Ametist Rec. / Bambo Music / Crossworld Records) – nice ep – thank you
D.Kowalski (Lux23, Liquid Inc.) – „Sewing Difficult Wounds“ is nice! Thanks!
Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord / Feierei.de) – Sounds very nice, will try.
Christian Kornberg (Gauner & Halunken) – nummer 1 ist cool
Robert Grand (additan radio) (Additan Recordings) – Nice! Thanks for the promo.
Mag – Tsugi (Tsugi magazine) – coool ep
Audiopunkz (Damm-Records) – more Equilibrium for me 😉
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM – Sweden) (radio) – Good pack, thanks 😉

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