Artist: Alexis Cabrera & Mattia Bison
Title: Give The Hype EP
Remixer: Barem
Cat. Nr.: KUM032
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Distribution 12″: Decks.de
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris, France)



When acid meets the groove it results in this fruity cocktail of sounds
freshly concocted in the studio of Alexis Cabrera in Venice. With the
collaboration of Mattia Bison: this young Italian producer who, after long
experimentation with synthesizers and drum machines, discovered the right
ingredient that give shape to the two original tracks “Give the Hype” and
“Houseloide” for his debut 12” vinyl release.
We are proud to welcome Mauricio Barembuem to our label, Barem’s remix for
Give the Hype EP is warm, loopy, hypnotic and so acid as our emblematic
orange kumquat fruit!
For your decks!


4. Februar 2015 – 18:00 bis 20:00 | Idaplatz Zürich
Ein weiteres grossartiges Zürcher Label, welches monatlich bei uns im Stream mit verschiedenen internationalen Künstlern vertreten ist. Kumquat Records wird am Idaplatz vertreten von Labelgründer Ondrej.
weiter infos: http://www.gds.fm/programm/studio-gds-am-idaplatz-kumquat


The official video clip for Brandub & Andres Gonzalez upcoming „Frequency Ship ep“ is online now!


Artist: Brandub & Andres Gonzalez
Title: Frequency Ship EP
Cat. Nr.: KUM030
Distribution: Beatport | 30th May 2014
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris)




Artist: 04LM aka Oswld

Title: Youngplanet EP

Remixer: Brendon Moeller aka Echologist


Cat. Nr.: KUM028

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Distribution: Decks.de |

Mastering by: Robert Elster (Elster Mastering, Sweden)

Camera & Edit by: www.triphaseproject.ch



KUMQUAT went deep into the suburbs of Buenos Aires and hunted Oswld.

On a period of intense creativity and under a new moniker: 04LM project was launched.

With eponymous name the 12″ EP release explores a deeper side of techno, harmonious and combined with melodic synth patches.

Sensitive and lacerating, 04LM got some inspiration from movie sound composers such as Angelo Badala- menti (o.s.t. Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet) and Giorgio Moroder (o.s.t Midnight Express, Scarface).

Oswld put his imprint of the remix, rhythmic with Detroit techno influences, whose past releases at Non Series got strong support by representative of the genre such as Ben Klock, Dustin Zahn, Chris Liebing, Truncate, Jonas Kopp, and more.

Member of the dub techno community, the New York based South African Brendon Moeller aka Echologist put his signature on two driving remixes with organic sounds and experimental approach. After his 9th album and countless releases Brendon reinvents himself with every track he produces. „His goal is first and foremost, to create timeless, quality music that resonates with people from all walks of life“.




We are very happy to announce our upcoming vinyl!

Artist: 04LM aka Oswld
Title: Youngplanet EP
Remixer: Brendon Moeller aka Echologist
Cat. Nr.: KUM028
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Mastering by: Robert Elster (Elster Mastering, Sweden)

Distribution: Decks.de | Pre-order: Now | Shop: September 2013







We are happy to present you 3 Videos from the past KUMQUAT Showcase at Livebeats.com. As guest we invited our label artists Alexis Cabrera (Buenos Aires), Tolis Q (Athens) and KUMQUAT label head honcho Ondrej (Zurich). Enjoy the music in motion!

Alexis Cabrera @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Tolis Q @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Ondrej @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

KLANG! KUMQUAT Label Showcase

Friday 28.12.2012 | Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich


KLANG! Sounds again!  Times for dimension change!

The KUMQUAT rec. Party collective gives their appointment at the cozy Revier Club in the Langstrasse surroundings. The urban Zurich red area will host a label showcase of international acts.


As nobody less tan the Argentinean producer ALEXIS CABRERA will attend the meeting.

Besides his successful Bueeehh EP at KUMQUAT, the Co producer of Barem’s last album ”After the storm” on Minus, got a brilliant year of productions edited at Eat More Beef, Time Has Changed anrevid Mindshake Records. An upcoming release on KUMQUAT will echoes by the end of the year too.


Alexis Cabrera’s live act will be listened to Europe closing the tour with an upcoming release on Paco Osuna’s label again and performing at the next Miami Winter Conference.


KLANG! Also sounds and vibrates for the awesome producer TOLIS Q, Quantized label head and “God of the Groove”. Unavoidable figure of Athens’ nightlife and resident of the top Six D.o.g.s Club.

His avangardist tech style combines tech house tracks with electro tunes, technoide and minimalistic. His project Tolis Q & Ad.Mark got remarkable editions in labels such as GU, Dialtones or Doppelgänger, KUMQUAT, among their long discography.

His label Quantized Music is the platform where DJ Wild, Siopsis, Nekes, David Keno, And.Id, Lemos, Kreon, Mihai Popoviciu, Jim Rivers or Patrick Zigon resonates!


Locals ONDREJ (Kumquat rec. Label head) and SVENSKJ (Revier, Fluk) will ring the gang intensively enough to indulge your senses to the waves of music.


Times for KLANG!




Mindshake, KUMQUAT
Buenos Aires

Quantized Musik, KUMQUAT


Fluk, Revier




Location: Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich

Facebook Event Page : facebook.com

Residentadvisor: www.residentadvisor.net/event



TAKE-AWAY is artack’s mobile flagship project. Set up as an briskly live-painting-session it allows for exciting interaction between the artists involved and the public. Our collective sessions and artistic get togethers act as a statement against all the «battles», which characterized other live-painting sessions for too long time. What we present can be seen as laid back stage for the boldest artists to crow with unrivalled artistic skills.
The backbone of each TAKE AWAY session is an adjustable wall consisting of a number of loose square plates. Put together the plates form a smooth surface to receive artistic emissions of all sorts – but each and every plate is extractable and thus also replaceable.

For every TAKE-AWAY session a certain number of artists are invited to turn this wall individually or as a team into a work-in-progress limited only by the duration of the session. This work-in-progress takes place right in front of crowd that is eager to acquire original art works as a snip. By pushing the buzzer the audience can actively interfere into the artistic processes and purchasing anything they see on the wall at any time. The plate carrying the theme of their heart will be extracted, signed, sealed and sold for take away. The gaping whole in the wall will be immediately replaced by an untouched new plate – and on and on the story goes! read more about Artacks


Music: KUM026 | Federico Luchetti – Somebody wants love
Available for download

Take Away Session @ Papierkomplizen presented by Artacks |Video & Edit by Triphaseproject



Fafa (Basel/Sevilla)
Tüfujeger (Solothurn)
Rotten Leftovers (Lausanne/Lissabon)
Cutterskink (Spiez/London)
Muke (Bern)
Remor (Zürich)
Osrock (Zürich)
Darla Freeze (Zürich)
Boosher (Genf)
Dr. Acid (Genf)

Artist: Federico Luchetti
Title: Somebody Wants Love EP
Release Date: October 25th, 2012
Cat. No: KUM026
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House, Techno

Available for download


Selected DJ Feedback from:

SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma // Slam – Various) – will give this a couple of listens – thanx
Someone Else (foundsound records) – fun ep!
Claude VonStroke (dirtybird // mothership) – Downloaded
Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) – nice detroit soulful beats!
Christian Kornberg (Gauner & Halunken) – nummer 1 ist cool
Sander Bongertman (FLASH Recordings) – very good release. especially grow together and equillibrium are nice tunes, will try them!
Joy Kitikonti (Natural Rhythm // Cocoricò (Italy)) Great release!! Well done!
Westradio.gr (web radio/greece) – great work! thanks
Eddie Hu (Revox Records , Nervous Records) – good music, thank you
Homebase (Beatwax) – good ep. i like
LAURENT N. (LCR & Electropical Records) – Nice release & stuff.
Will play & Support.
Mag – Tsugi (Tsugi magazine) – coool ep
Audiopunkz (Damm-Records // Zenit Schwerin) – more Equilibrium for me 😉
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM – Sweden) (radio) – Good pack, thanks 😉

Great to see our latest ep in the Tech House Staff selection!

Buy Link: Beatport