Cape (Savor Music) at Bagatelle | 15/04/2017

Cape (Esperanza, Savor, Airdrop ) | first CH gig.
Ondrej (Kumquat)

Free Entry | Funktion One Soundsystem | Good Drinks & Vibes

This Easter season we definitively hunt eggs at Ondrej’s kumquats garden. Amongst delicious giveaways we will be delighted by a charismatic guest artist!

Fernando Cappelletti aka Cape comes from Rosario, the Argentinian harbor city, birthplace of producers such as Franco Cinelli, Nico Purman and Lucas Mari. He made his own path in the production camp with a long row of successful editions. Nowadays, Cape creates an interesting blend of house and techno with an out of boundaries approach.

Co-manager of SAVOR MUSIC with Jorge Savoretti, they prepare together the opening of Aurea new label with a first release of Federico Molinari (Oslo, Apollonia) and Martin Teysera (Herencia, Cynosure).

Cape will be releasing for Visionquest in June. Moreover a co-produced track for Blind Box, the underground vinyl records label of Julien Sandre and Konstress, will be edited soon. And a remix of Giuliano Lomonte (Point of View) was signed for the end of the year.

In the past, labels such as Airdrop and Esperanza boosted his Dj-ing career in Europe.
The springtime tour starts in Palma de Mallorca and we are glad that Zurich will be “touched for the very first time” by Cape’s hands on the decks.

Happy Easter, bunnies!

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