• KUM034 Urban Groove - Visit Venus



Artist: Urban Groove
Title: Visit Venus EP
Cat. Nr.: KUM034
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Distribution 12″: Decks.de (presale click here)
Release date: January 2019
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris, France)



Urban Groove “Visit Venus” EP 12” with the aim of rediscovering the underground techno, it compiles four rhythmic, hypnotic and sulfurous tracks for your needles. The orbit of the sound clockwise spark- les at night and carries the mind away, like a starship to Venus.


The Swiss KUMQUAT label counts on its discography with most referential artists from Argentina. This time is an honor to edit a mystical collective. Pioneers of techno sounds in Buenos Aires, a group of resident Djs and producers that in year ‘94 performed with analogic equipment and started first raves and afterhours throughout the country. So it was born Urban Groove aggrupation during the rave ex- plosion of the 90’s.


Soon Universal studios offered them to edit their own tracks on CD/12” format. While they performed a spectacular big band jam of seven turntables and one mix with musicians, their support act for The Prodigy did the magic. Playing on major festivals in South America, they shared stage with Kraftwerk, Ricardo Villalobos, Ritchie Hawtin, Dj Hell to name some references in their long path.


Urban Groove is regrouped again with their own editions, integrating new technologies such software, controllers and linked machines. Today’s lineup for Urban Groove are Diego Cid, Miguel Silver, Luis Nieva, Magoo, JamOn & L ́Inspecteur.





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