• Ondrej - Argentina 2014

Ondrej, KUMQUAT records’ Dad, decided to leave his studio and travel to the land where most of our productions comes from: the land of gauchos, the Argentinian pampas and particularly the land of “culiaus” of Cordoba!
Cordoba is the second largest city of this great country, It was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of the region that is now Argentina. The National University of Córdoba is the oldest university of the country and the second to be inaugurated in Latin America and her so famous Jesuit block monuments were declared in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This exciting capital, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, is one of the most important financial districts in South America, a main touristic destination and a versatile industrial base. Also her strong cultural identity counts with renowned talents in art, theatre and music where a very authentic electronic scene was born since the 90s.

With the purpose of consolidating the last releases such as Gurtz – Am/PM Ep, Oswld – Youngplanet Ep. Ondrej will meet the local scene and headhunt the latest sound!
Moreover we have the pleasure to announce that for the first time, of our label history, Cordoba will be represented in the upcoming release with a masterpiece of Brandub & Andres Gonzalez !

Time for Fernet and Cola, for “asados” and friends ! Good luck Ondrej, ché culiau!


Upcoming dates Argentina
29 May | Club Si – Rosario
30 May | Classic Airlines @ Shamrock – Buenos Aires
31 May | KUMQUAT Showcase @ Welcome – Villa Maria
04 June | Basement Club – Cordoba
06 June | Riv Garden – San Juan


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For the first time available in Europe – till August 8th
07-06 hello berlin 09-06 Ksar (munich) 14-06 Pura showcase @ Sonar (barcelona) 16-06 turkish head (dublin) 28-06 les agités (paris) 06-07 batofar boat party (paris) 14-07 city hall (barcelona) 20-07 macarena (barcelona) 25.07 villa rouge @ hermine night (montpellier) 28.07 zoo (montpellier)
Dates available on request bookings@kumquat-bookings.com

Releases with Juan Zolbaran
Juan Zolbaran – Murder for the rainbow (Album)
Wandler- Get Together (Juan Zolbaran Remix)
Ariel Rodz & Alexis Cabrera – Bueeehh (Juan Zolbaran Remix)

Flügstund with Jonas Kopp

We are proud to present JONAS KOPP [Ostgut Ton, Traut, Manzel,Kumquat / Buenos Aires] for the first time in Zurich!

Jonas recently released with us on  the KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP

JONAS KOPP (Ostgut Ton,Traut, Manzel, Kumquat) Buenos Aires Argentinien
Gregorythme LIVE (Raoul, Cityfox)
Salvatore Freda
Felipe Acevedo
Chris Bailly
Chris de Rebel
Flügstund @ Pfingstweide Club Zurich
Pfingstweidstrasse 12 8005 Zürich

Jonas Kopp was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1981. His career as a producer was launched when he was 19 years old. After seven years of hard work we find one of the most representative argentine talents for the House and techno global scene.

Jonas is very well depicted by the constant hypnotic flavour in his tracks, the techno arrangements, deep basslines that really fill the surrounding space, the use of effects like reverb ,delays and LFO’s and his faithful attachment to his Detroit and Chicago roots as creative influences .

His live performances are two hours of plenty of hipnotic groove, creating different states all along the set. His DJ sets are a perfect analog-digital fusion, using tracktor scratch and vinyls / Cds.. Artists such as Mattew Dear, Adam Beyer , Sven Vath , Chris Liebing, Par Grindvik, Ben Klock , Luke Slater , rank his tracks in their latest charts.

He founded Traut Muzik, a Label in which he curates the best techno and House artists from the argentine and global techno scene.

Jonas Kopp just introduced himself to the international scene by Matthew Dear , in the label Spectral Sound sharing roster with Audion , Par Grindvik , James T Cotton , Geoff White , Seth Troxler, Mikael Stravostrand .

Actually he is working together with the Belgian label “ CURLE RECORDINGS “, One of the new and modern techno labels of the moment…



KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP 




Coyu Mexico

KumQuat Bookings supports the first venue of this revelation artist and certainly one of the most interesting European producers, thanks to his so demanded releases. Coyu will perform on the Miami Winter Music Conference before his arrival to hot Playa del Carmen!

NOMINATIONS DEEJAYMAGS 2009 (Spanish Dance Awards)

* Best DJ
* Best Newcomer DJ
* Best Label: Suara
* Best Newcomer Producer (along Edu Imbernon)
* Best Track: El Baile Alemán
* Best Track: Raw Sweat