• Ondrej - Argentina 2014

Ondrej, KUMQUAT records’ Dad, decided to leave his studio and travel to the land where most of our productions comes from: the land of gauchos, the Argentinian pampas and particularly the land of “culiaus” of Cordoba!
Cordoba is the second largest city of this great country, It was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of the region that is now Argentina. The National University of Córdoba is the oldest university of the country and the second to be inaugurated in Latin America and her so famous Jesuit block monuments were declared in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This exciting capital, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, is one of the most important financial districts in South America, a main touristic destination and a versatile industrial base. Also her strong cultural identity counts with renowned talents in art, theatre and music where a very authentic electronic scene was born since the 90s.

With the purpose of consolidating the last releases such as Gurtz – Am/PM Ep, Oswld – Youngplanet Ep. Ondrej will meet the local scene and headhunt the latest sound!
Moreover we have the pleasure to announce that for the first time, of our label history, Cordoba will be represented in the upcoming release with a masterpiece of Brandub & Andres Gonzalez !

Time for Fernet and Cola, for “asados” and friends ! Good luck Ondrej, ché culiau!


Upcoming dates Argentina
29 May | Club Si – Rosario
30 May | Classic Airlines @ Shamrock – Buenos Aires
31 May | KUMQUAT Showcase @ Welcome – Villa Maria
04 June | Basement Club – Cordoba
06 June | Riv Garden – San Juan


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Ein weiteres grossartiges Zürcher Label monatlich bei uns im Stream. Kumquat Records. Let’s Play!

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Franco Cinelli releases at: Monique, Greener, Bass Culture, Aux Records, Airdrop, Cassius rec., Kumquat, Esperanza, Traut, Ilian Tape, Lomidhigh and many more…


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Argentinien hat sich in letzter Zeit zu einem richtiggehenden Epizentrum der Elektronischen Musik etabliert, mit eigenem Charakter und Identität. Der südamerikanische Flecken Erde hat eine stattliche Anzahl unvergesslicher Persönlichkeiten hervorgebracht, die in ihrer Zeitepoche Geschichte geschrieben haben oder auch heute noch schreiben, oder gerade erst damit begonnen haben! Da wären einerseits Fussballgott Maradona, Revolutionär Che Guevara oder die mystische Eva Peron – und im modernen Argentinien ganz aktuell der amtierende Papst Franziskus, die neue Holländische Königin Maxima und, um den Kreis wieder mit Fussball zu schliessen, der neue Superstar auf dem Grün, das die Welt bedeutet: Lionel Messi.


Emotionen und Inspirationen dieser kulturellen, politischen und sportlichen Denkmäler wirken sich weit über ihre Grenze, bis nach Europa und in die Schweiz inspirierend aus und sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Wir haben deshalb beschlossen, einem weiteren aufgehenden Stern die Ehre zu erweisen, und den derzeit wichtigsten Produzenten Elektronischer Musik einzuladen: Franco Cinelli.


Das internationale Line-Up wird kompletisiert mit Simbad Segui, einem der Argentinischen DJ-Pioniere, Veranstalter extraordinärer Events und Resident zahlloser Club Hotspots.


Ondrej, der Label-Chef von KUMQUAT feiert an diesem Abend seinen 35. Geburtstag und gleichzeitig zwei Dekaden als DJ. Der aufstrebende Zürcher Serge Widmer leistet seinen willkommenen Beitrag zur illustren Runde. Die Radio Show von Pierre Lewinsky wird die ganze Nacht auf audioasyl.net aufgezeichnet!



Argentina has become one of the most important epicentres of electronic music with its own identity.
The South American country has also given to our century bunch of personalities that nowadays mark a new dimension for the planet’s history!


Besides the classic Maradona, Che Guevara or Evita Peron myths, today Argentina is a renewed country adapting to the future and giving birth to a new Pope Francis, a new Queen Maxima and a new football crack such as Lionel Messi!


Because of the high emotional vibes expressed by cultural demonstrators of Argentina are for Europe so inspiring and necessary, we support and invite to Kultur Depot his new highest exponent of the electronic music: the producer Franco Cinelli.

The international line up completes with Simbad Segui, one of the pioneers DJ and motor of the most unusual events that raised Argentina to the rang of the best places to play.
Ondrej, the label head of KUMQUAT celebrates both 35th birthday bash and 20 years Dj!
The uprising Zurich figure Sèrge Widmer will add the swing!
Pierre Lewinsky Radio show will be your party communicator streaming live on Audioasyl.net



KUMQUAT Showcase with Franco Cinelli & Ondrej on Livebeats.com
This show was broadcasted & recorded live on FRIDAY 08th MARCH – Zurich – Switzerland.

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Rosario ARG

Zürich CH

HD LIVE VIDEO Stream at:

Releases at: Monique, Greener, Bass Culture, Aux-Rec, Airdrop, Cassius rec., KUMQUAT, Esperanza, Traut, Ilian Tape, Lomidhigh and many, many more

Franco Cinelli was born in Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, one of the most populated cities of Argentina, important metropolitan centre and located at the heart of the major industrial corridor of the country. Rosario is also one of the most important shipping centres of the continent on the western shore of the Parana River.

Rosario has given to the world very important personalities such as Che Guevara, the football player Lionel Messi, the top model Romina Lanaro but also some national myths such as the comedian Alberto Olmedo and the rocker Fito Paez. On the shores of the Parana River the Argentine flag was created by General Manuel Belgrano in 1812, the National Flag Memorial or “Monumento a La Bandera” is in fact the symbol of Rosario.

And Franco Cinelli, son of this beautiful metropolis, has released so far in countless referent labels, after having started producing in 1995 becoming nowadays, one of the most played producers of the globe.
Franco is doing a pre-touring in Europe, before his spring-summer Tour 2013 where he will again perform in countless top clubs and hugs festivals. His releases are charted and played by the most significant figures of the electronic scenes wolrdwide such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Marco Carola, Dyed Soundorom… and more! But also by us and perhaps also by you too!

As Franco is a lovely friend of our label too, we have invited him during his short stop over Switzerland for a live video streaming Dj Set at Livebeats studios of Zürich, where Ondrej, our label head, will play too!
Because we want to welcome him to Zürich, the venue of this deluxe figure deserves our ears and feet!

Don’t hesitate to share this moment tuning Livebeats Facebook profile or http://www.livebeats.com/
so you can enjoy his awesome talent of Dj and find out why Franco Cinelli is the uprising top figure worldwide.

Franco are going to plat at Hidden Club in Solothurn on Friday 08.03 after Livebeats set! We hope some of you’d like to join


We are happy to present you 3 Videos from the past KUMQUAT Showcase at Livebeats.com. As guest we invited our label artists Alexis Cabrera (Buenos Aires), Tolis Q (Athens) and KUMQUAT label head honcho Ondrej (Zurich). Enjoy the music in motion!

Alexis Cabrera @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Tolis Q @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Ondrej @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

KLANG! KUMQUAT Label Showcase

Friday 28.12.2012 | Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich


KLANG! Sounds again!  Times for dimension change!

The KUMQUAT rec. Party collective gives their appointment at the cozy Revier Club in the Langstrasse surroundings. The urban Zurich red area will host a label showcase of international acts.


As nobody less tan the Argentinean producer ALEXIS CABRERA will attend the meeting.

Besides his successful Bueeehh EP at KUMQUAT, the Co producer of Barem’s last album ”After the storm” on Minus, got a brilliant year of productions edited at Eat More Beef, Time Has Changed anrevid Mindshake Records. An upcoming release on KUMQUAT will echoes by the end of the year too.


Alexis Cabrera’s live act will be listened to Europe closing the tour with an upcoming release on Paco Osuna’s label again and performing at the next Miami Winter Conference.


KLANG! Also sounds and vibrates for the awesome producer TOLIS Q, Quantized label head and “God of the Groove”. Unavoidable figure of Athens’ nightlife and resident of the top Six D.o.g.s Club.

His avangardist tech style combines tech house tracks with electro tunes, technoide and minimalistic. His project Tolis Q & Ad.Mark got remarkable editions in labels such as GU, Dialtones or Doppelgänger, KUMQUAT, among their long discography.

His label Quantized Music is the platform where DJ Wild, Siopsis, Nekes, David Keno, And.Id, Lemos, Kreon, Mihai Popoviciu, Jim Rivers or Patrick Zigon resonates!


Locals ONDREJ (Kumquat rec. Label head) and SVENSKJ (Revier, Fluk) will ring the gang intensively enough to indulge your senses to the waves of music.


Times for KLANG!




Mindshake, KUMQUAT
Buenos Aires

Quantized Musik, KUMQUAT


Fluk, Revier




Location: Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich

Facebook Event Page : facebook.com

Residentadvisor: www.residentadvisor.net/event



Video:  Ondrej (Head of KUMQUAT) playing at BCN People  – Supermarket Club in Zurich

BCN People – noche de otoño
Ondrej (Kumquat)
Pazkal (Liebe*Detail)
Emre Bektas
Videobox con Eric&Philipp

Dansa del Sol con Submission
Hierbas toda la nocheFrom Barcelona with love!
Geroldstr. 17, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland