Artist: Alexis Cabrera & Mattia Bison
Title: Give The Hype EP
Remixer: Barem
Cat. Nr.: KUM032
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Distribution 12″: Decks.de
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris, France)



When acid meets the groove it results in this fruity cocktail of sounds
freshly concocted in the studio of Alexis Cabrera in Venice. With the
collaboration of Mattia Bison: this young Italian producer who, after long
experimentation with synthesizers and drum machines, discovered the right
ingredient that give shape to the two original tracks “Give the Hype” and
“Houseloide” for his debut 12” vinyl release.
We are proud to welcome Mauricio Barembuem to our label, Barem’s remix for
Give the Hype EP is warm, loopy, hypnotic and so acid as our emblematic
orange kumquat fruit!
For your decks!


4. Februar 2015 – 18:00 bis 20:00 | Idaplatz Zürich
Ein weiteres grossartiges Zürcher Label, welches monatlich bei uns im Stream mit verschiedenen internationalen Künstlern vertreten ist. Kumquat Records wird am Idaplatz vertreten von Labelgründer Ondrej.
weiter infos: http://www.gds.fm/programm/studio-gds-am-idaplatz-kumquat

Echonomist – Abstract Theory EP
Format: 12“ Vinyl
Cat. NR: KUM031
Remixer: Exercise One
Genre: Detroit, House, Garage
Release Date: 08 December 2014


We finish the year with a special release, featuring the intelligent sound of Petros Manganaris aka Echonomist , this renowned and creative producer from Greece brought abstraction to our dancefloor. A pack of 4 mental tracks , with) Diabolo (Original) , Pretty Boy (original) , a co-production with Boot Slap for New Dimension (Original) and the awesome Pretty Boy (remix) of our friends the wicked duo Exercise One!
It’s perhaps time to set your sensuality free, for listening, for dancing, for loving.
We went to higher steps and we are proud about that!


01. Echonomist – New Dimension Feat. Boot Slap (Original)
02. Echonomist – Diabolo (Original)
03. Echonomist – Pretty Boy (Original)
04. Echonomist – Pretty Boy (Exercise One rmx)

order www.decks.de



Artist infos


Exercise One


Boot Slap

This month we have a special guest on GDS.fm. Echonomist from Thessaloniki Greece will play a 1h set. Don’t miss it

Check out his new 12″ Vinyl
Echonomist – Abstract Theory EP incl Exercise One remix

Order here: decks.de





The latest Setblock on GDS.fm provided by the head of KUMQUAT Records Ondrej (Zurich, KUMQUAT)
Enjoy the good vibe!

  • Tolis Q at GDS.fm

The latest Setblock on GDS.fm come from our label artist and good friend Tolis Q (Athens, Quantized Music)
Enjoy the good vibe!



Fr 29 Aug 2014 @ 22:00 – 02:00 CET
Kumquat (Records)
IRF Swiss Label Showcase #10

KUMQUAT is an international label based in Zurich, Switzerland founded in Spring 2005 and is dedicated to explore the deeper and uplifting sides of electronic music. Having over 20 releases under its belt the Swiss imprint is gaining worldwide recognition gradually. Especially Wandler is a name to keep an eye on – even though he’s in the game for almost 10 years now. At our showcase he will be accompanied by label boss and A&R Ondrej and Wicked Wilma. Let’s take a deep breath and dive into this ocean of wonderful sounds you never heard somewhere else before.
Artist infos



We have uploaded our latest ep, „Frequency Ship“ by Brandub & Andres Gonzalez on bandcamp. For the next 48h we offer you a 10% discount on your purchase. Make sure you use the following discount code „frequship“ during check out.



Brandub & Andres Gonzalez - Frequency Ship EP






Heute ist der längste Tag des Jahres und gleichzeitig auch Sommerbeginn. Hierzu haben wir einen Spezialgast aus Argentinien eingeladen, der live auftreten wird:


Alexis Cabrera live [Kumquat Label, Mindshake Records – ARG]

Ausserdem feiert Rennie nach 00.00h ihren Geburtstag und lässt ebenfalls die Korken knallen:

Rennie Røyma & Kåre Kyl [KlangART – Zürich]

Warm up:

Hiss & Growl [Code2 Records – Bern]


Fussball WM 2014 Deutschland – Ghana wird auch gezeigt.

Schwing das Bein!

Früh kommt, wer nicht anstehen will. Spät kommt, wer viel Geduld mitbringt.



Location: Bagatelle , Langstrasse 93, 8004 Zürich



Alexis Cabrera – Fairy Tale Ep

Alexis Cabrera & Ariel Rodz – Bueeehh EP



  • Ondrej - Argentina 2014

Ondrej, KUMQUAT records’ Dad, decided to leave his studio and travel to the land where most of our productions comes from: the land of gauchos, the Argentinian pampas and particularly the land of “culiaus” of Cordoba!
Cordoba is the second largest city of this great country, It was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of the region that is now Argentina. The National University of Córdoba is the oldest university of the country and the second to be inaugurated in Latin America and her so famous Jesuit block monuments were declared in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This exciting capital, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, is one of the most important financial districts in South America, a main touristic destination and a versatile industrial base. Also her strong cultural identity counts with renowned talents in art, theatre and music where a very authentic electronic scene was born since the 90s.

With the purpose of consolidating the last releases such as Gurtz – Am/PM Ep, Oswld – Youngplanet Ep. Ondrej will meet the local scene and headhunt the latest sound!
Moreover we have the pleasure to announce that for the first time, of our label history, Cordoba will be represented in the upcoming release with a masterpiece of Brandub & Andres Gonzalez !

Time for Fernet and Cola, for “asados” and friends ! Good luck Ondrej, ché culiau!


Upcoming dates Argentina
29 May | Club Si – Rosario
30 May | Classic Airlines @ Shamrock – Buenos Aires
31 May | KUMQUAT Showcase @ Welcome – Villa Maria
04 June | Basement Club – Cordoba
06 June | Riv Garden – San Juan


more infos:
Ondrej Facebook