KUMQUAT Label Showcase | January 14, 2012 – Six D.O.G.S – Athens – Greece
with Ondrej, Wandler Live, Mik Maroo, Tolis Q







The Six D.o.g.s club presents for the first time the KUMQUAT label showcase!

KUMQUAT rec. is established since seven years in Zurich (Switzerland). His labelhead Ondrej is returning to Greece after a commendable evolution in the techno music; with releases of prominent figures of the international scene as strongly rising artists such as Jonas Kopp, Franco Cinelli, Exercise One, Tolis Q & Ad Mark, Ariel Rodz & Alexis Cabrera, Jorge Savoretti, Prime Time, Broombeck, Feakslum, Khainz, among others.

On Saturday January 14, 2012 KUMQUAT is presenting its concept exclusively for Athens, with the sounds of Ondrej, the live act of Wandler, premiere in Greece, who has recently released at KUMQUAT “Get Together EP” remixed by Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton) and Juan Zolbaran (Arjaus).
Mik Maroo, renowned resident from the top Hive Club of Zürich will open the show with Tolis Q as support. Not to be missed!


more infos: https://www.facebook.com/events/218944464854980/

or http://sixdogs.gr/?p=9756

Die EP beginnt auch gleich mit dem deepesten und besten Track, “Captivate” im Juan-Zolbaran-Remix, in dem ein treibend lockerer Groove in seiner Dunkelheit zusammen mit einer geflüsterten Melodie schon reicht, um eine Stimmung zu erzeugen, aus der man nicht mehr hinaus will. Aber auch Jonas Kopps Version von “Get Together” ist ein mächtiges Dubmoment für die deeperen Zeiten. Die beiden Originale haben für mich im Groove dann immer etwas zu losgelöstes, um einen wirklich auf den Floor zu treiben.

bleed (source: de-bug-de)


Check it out:  KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP

KUMQUAT edits this harmonious and sensual package and presents Wandler, well-grooved producer of the scene of Zurich and main artist of Motoguzzi label. A sophisticated work, together with the Argentine producers Jonas Kopp (Traut Muzik, Ostgut Ton, Curle) and Juan Zolbaran (Arjaus, Eat More Beef, Kumquat) A deep travel of the mind; an escape for the soul, but particularly a delightful pleasure for the body. As a premiere: KUMQUAT mixes own Wandler’s original madness with Detroit’s techno vibes and warm drums of Buenos Aires!

Read more infos: here
Release date: 14. June 2011
12″ Distributon: Straight Distribution, Germany

Buy here: http://www.beatport.com/release/get-together/434381

Film & edit: Triphaseproject

Laurent Garnier

Brilliant mix by Jonas Koop – wilplay this a lot

Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton)
have to listen more closely… first impression: I like the Kopp remix the most..

Peter van Hoesen (Lan, TX2)
Cool EP. Four strong tracks, I prefer both remixes. Top notch remix work here from Jonas and Juan.

Len Faki (Ostgut Ton)
massive kopp remix, support!

Lucy (stroboscopic artefacts)
Jonas thank youuuuuu!!! Just perfect 42thefloor remix… absolutely my choice here.

Adam Beyer (Drumcode)
The Jonas Kopp remix rocks my world.

Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Of course the Jonas Kopp remix is dope, Sure player, thanks

Dubfire (SciTec)
Captivate is cool thank you

Luciano (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Ripperton (Perspectiv)
Get together get my favor here, lovely club thing. Juan remix is nice as well. Thanks. ripa

Tim Xavier (Clink)
Very Cool release… can’t wait to check out the hq mp3’s

Nick Warren (Way out West)
Both originals are bang on. Really cool

Alexi Delano (Plus 8, Drumcode)
Wandler – Get Together (Jonas Kopp Get Alone Remix)

Gel Abril (Ovum, Get physical)
jonas kopp mix for me good as usual from him tnx:-)

Tim Lorenz (Groove)
good techno

Groove Armada
nice EP, Support!

Brendon Moeller (rekids | third ear)
jonas saves the day 🙂

Ben Sims (Drumcode)
Jonas Kopp remix is the one for me, rough and tough groover, great stuff, thx

Brett Johnson (Cynosure)
Jonas Kopp mix for me!

Flavius E (Casa del Puente, KUMQUAT)
Wandler get together (Original Mix) is the one for me congrats!!!!

Juan Zolbaran (Arjaus, KUMQUAT)
Wandler get together (Original Mix) is the one for me congrats!!!!

Anna-Lena Borchert (Stadtpark)
great realese! i really like the first track. support in my radio-show!

Ingo Gansara (Exercise One, Dumb Unit)
Great Stuff from Switzerland! The original cuts are the ones for me.

Ali Wells (Perc)
Jonas’ mix is great, as always. Big support from me on his remix

Darko Esser (Wolskull)
Jonas Kopp mix all the way!!!

Jim Rivers
Captivate is quality!

Mihai Popoviciu
cool techno tracks!

Norihiko Kwai (Posivision, Japan)
Captivate original is killa! Juan Zolbaran remix is deep comfortable work. the sound of jonas kopp is unique, really like it . thx

Ulysse (Motoguzzi)
Wandler – Get Together (Original Mix) Thx a lot, the all pack is great, will play for sure!!!

DJ Three (HallucinationLimited.com – NYC)
Jonas mix and Captivate for me. Three

Philip Sherburne (the wire/ pitchfork/ beatportal/ spin)
Feeling “Get Together” — love the subtle melodic dimension, love the bass. “Captivate” sounds really nice too. It’s nice to hear a mixture of real toughness with the softer textures

Marc Tanzmann
get together im original und captivate im remix. im berghain würd ich auch den j. kopp remix rausholen^^.

Ali Wells (Kompakt)
Jonas’ mix is great, as always. Big support from me on his remix. Thanks.

Mihalis Safras
Jonas Kopp remix is f888ing great!!!

Alexis Cabrera (KUMQUAT)
the remixes are bombs, i love the jonas and juan mixes, for differents moments. nice release!

Angel Molina (Sonar/Tresor)
both remixes for me, though Jonas is the my musical hero on the release.

Tolis Q (Quantized Music, KUMQUAT)
excellent release from wandler & kumquat! this is my kind of techno! love all tracks!

Benoit Carretier (Tsugi)
nice ep get together is cool

Cosmic Cowboys
excellent release from wandler & kumquat! this is my kind of techno! love all tracks!

DJ Roko (Sub FM)
Jonas Kopp remix is the ooooooone! sick wan. will play!

Blawan (R&S)
jonas koop remix for me !

Tj Norris (Enzyme)
Wandler’s Get Together is a slick booty shapeshifter. If you are going to marry the night, get in line now!

Andrew Grant (DC10)
Kopp remix for me.. Techno!!!! Juan also does a nice remix… very smooth

Pablo Roman-Alcala (bar25)
Everyone loves Wandler, Keep up to good work!

Nicolas Gomez
Get together original mix is not really for me, but Jonas Kopp remix is huge, and Captivate original mix as well.

Philip Sherburne (beatportal, The Wire)
Feeling “Get Together”… Love the subtle melodic dimension, love the bass. “Captivate” sounds really nice too. It’s nice to hear a mixture of real toughness with the softer textures



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Podcast with Troy Pierce, Adam Beyer, Ben Sims


Check out the Podcast of Adam Beyer, Troy Pierce, Bens Sims playing the Wandler Ep


Troy Pierce – August Mixtape – (My Favorite Promos From July)

Ben Sims – Funk You! 006

Adam Beyer – Drumcode Radio

Jonas Kopp was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1981. His career as a producer was launched when he was 19 years old. After seven years of hard work we find one of the most representative argentine talents for the House and techno global scene.

Jonas is very well depicted by the constant hypnotic flavour in his tracks, the techno arrangements, deep basslines that really fill the surrounding space, the use of effects like reverb ,delays and LFO’s and his faithful attachment to his Detroit and Chicago roots as creative influences .

His live performances are two hours of plenty of hipnotic groove, creating different states all along the set. His DJ sets are a perfect analog-digital fusion, using tracktor scratch and vinyls / Cds.. Artists such as Mattew Dear, Adam Beyer , Sven Vath , Chris Liebing, Par Grindvik, Ben Klock , Luke Slater , rank his tracks in their latest charts.

He founded Traut Muzik, a Label in which he curates the best techno and House artists from the argentine and global techno scene.

Jonas Kopp just introduced himself to the international scene by Matthew Dear , in the label Spectral Sound sharing roster with Audion , Par Grindvik , James T Cotton , Geoff White , Seth Troxler, Mikael Stravostrand .

Actually he is working together with the Belgian label “ CURLE RECORDINGS “, One of the new and modern techno labels of the moment…



KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP 




In the best moments of a club night, time vanishes. It’s taken out of the equation. To borrow from the writer Gertrude Stein: it’s when a groove is a groove. It must have been one of these transcendent hours that led techno maven Chaton to bestow a huge compliment. „Wandler is the best Swiss techno DJ“, the Geneva producer raved in October 2010, flanking his point by a dozen exclamation marks.

When Michael Stutz AKA Wandler is in the groove, there’s hardly anything that can stop him. Having started to beatmix at the tender age of thirteen, Wandler’s spotless deep techno sets have graced not only his club residencies at the Zukunft and the Hive Club, but also countless gigs at venues like the Bar25 in Berlin, Batofar in Paris, the WMF in Berlin or the Registratur in Munich.

The head DJ of Zurich’s Motoguzzi label, it was the sound of Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and the early Front 242 that made Wandler fall in love with electronic music. Plastikman and Studio 1 later initiated him to the sparse manners of minimal techno. Debuting in 2005 with the Tanzwut EP on Littlebig Recordings, Mr. Stutz has stepped up his release schedule of late: Three raw, clanging and intense EPs are to be released this spring on Motoguzzi, KUMQUAT and And then…Rec. Plus, a joint collaboration with Mastra has crystallized into a staggering 12inch on Mike Shannon’s Cynosure imprint. You better believe the hype: Time is more than ripe for Wandler. Right, it’s that moment.



KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP 




Diese Scheibe hat viele musikalische Gesichter. Das Titelstück lebt von seiner düsteren Atmo mit vielen Geräuschen und seinen Synthiechords. Als Zuhörer ist man versucht eher  Techno als House zu avisieren. Schwer und heavy. Jonas Koop arbeitet in seinem Mix die härtere Gangart weiter aus, in dem er hallende Claps, wummernde Beats und spacig-verquere Sounds einsetzt. Gute Umsetzung. “Captivate“ lebt von vielschichtigen Instrumenten und Tonlayern, die progressiv gestaltet sind und etwas von Techno-Dub haben. Juan Zolbaran nimmt Härte heraus und bringt Deepness und Mystik hinein. Schöner Chiller. Ordentliche Scheibe, nicht unbedingt für die Peaktime. 3 Points

source: raveline.de

Read more: KUM023 Wandler – Get Together EP incl. Jonas Kopp, Juan Zolbaran remixes