We are happy to present you 3 Videos from the past KUMQUAT Showcase at Livebeats.com. As guest we invited our label artists Alexis Cabrera (Buenos Aires), Tolis Q (Athens) and KUMQUAT label head honcho Ondrej (Zurich). Enjoy the music in motion!

Alexis Cabrera @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Tolis Q @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

Ondrej @ Livebeats Studio Zurich 29.12.2012 | Kumquat Showcase

KLANG! KUMQUAT Label Showcase

Friday 28.12.2012 | Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich


KLANG! Sounds again!  Times for dimension change!

The KUMQUAT rec. Party collective gives their appointment at the cozy Revier Club in the Langstrasse surroundings. The urban Zurich red area will host a label showcase of international acts.


As nobody less tan the Argentinean producer ALEXIS CABRERA will attend the meeting.

Besides his successful Bueeehh EP at KUMQUAT, the Co producer of Barem’s last album ”After the storm” on Minus, got a brilliant year of productions edited at Eat More Beef, Time Has Changed anrevid Mindshake Records. An upcoming release on KUMQUAT will echoes by the end of the year too.


Alexis Cabrera’s live act will be listened to Europe closing the tour with an upcoming release on Paco Osuna’s label again and performing at the next Miami Winter Conference.


KLANG! Also sounds and vibrates for the awesome producer TOLIS Q, Quantized label head and “God of the Groove”. Unavoidable figure of Athens’ nightlife and resident of the top Six D.o.g.s Club.

His avangardist tech style combines tech house tracks with electro tunes, technoide and minimalistic. His project Tolis Q & Ad.Mark got remarkable editions in labels such as GU, Dialtones or Doppelgänger, KUMQUAT, among their long discography.

His label Quantized Music is the platform where DJ Wild, Siopsis, Nekes, David Keno, And.Id, Lemos, Kreon, Mihai Popoviciu, Jim Rivers or Patrick Zigon resonates!


Locals ONDREJ (Kumquat rec. Label head) and SVENSKJ (Revier, Fluk) will ring the gang intensively enough to indulge your senses to the waves of music.


Times for KLANG!




Mindshake, KUMQUAT
Buenos Aires

Quantized Musik, KUMQUAT


Fluk, Revier




Location: Revier Club – Hohlstrasse 18, 8004 Zurich

Facebook Event Page : facebook.com

Residentadvisor: www.residentadvisor.net/event



KUMQUAT Label Showcase | January 14, 2012 – Six D.O.G.S – Athens – Greece
with Ondrej, Wandler Live, Mik Maroo, Tolis Q







The Six D.o.g.s club presents for the first time the KUMQUAT label showcase!

KUMQUAT rec. is established since seven years in Zurich (Switzerland). His labelhead Ondrej is returning to Greece after a commendable evolution in the techno music; with releases of prominent figures of the international scene as strongly rising artists such as Jonas Kopp, Franco Cinelli, Exercise One, Tolis Q & Ad Mark, Ariel Rodz & Alexis Cabrera, Jorge Savoretti, Prime Time, Broombeck, Feakslum, Khainz, among others.

On Saturday January 14, 2012 KUMQUAT is presenting its concept exclusively for Athens, with the sounds of Ondrej, the live act of Wandler, premiere in Greece, who has recently released at KUMQUAT “Get Together EP” remixed by Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton) and Juan Zolbaran (Arjaus).
Mik Maroo, renowned resident from the top Hive Club of Zürich will open the show with Tolis Q as support. Not to be missed!


more infos: https://www.facebook.com/events/218944464854980/

or http://sixdogs.gr/?p=9756

Tolis Q & Ad.Mark – Part Of Her EP

KUM014 Part of Her pack is a real kick in your face!
Two expressive groovy versions committed to achieve a strong double EP.

Who did the successful remix of our past super hit KUM006 D-Nox & Beckers Something for your Mind? Oh yeah! Tolis Q & Ad Mark!!!

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