Artist: Alexis Cabrera & Mattia Bison
Title: Give The Hype EP
Remixer: Barem
Cat. Nr.: KUM032
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Distribution 12″: Decks.de
Mastering by: Preference Mastering (Paris, France)



When acid meets the groove it results in this fruity cocktail of sounds
freshly concocted in the studio of Alexis Cabrera in Venice. With the
collaboration of Mattia Bison: this young Italian producer who, after long
experimentation with synthesizers and drum machines, discovered the right
ingredient that give shape to the two original tracks “Give the Hype” and
“Houseloide” for his debut 12” vinyl release.
We are proud to welcome Mauricio Barembuem to our label, Barem’s remix for
Give the Hype EP is warm, loopy, hypnotic and so acid as our emblematic
orange kumquat fruit!
For your decks!


Wandler playing „Captivate“ from his last Get Together EP on KUMQUAT Records

KUM023 Wandler – Get Together Ep
incl. Jonas Kopp, Juan Zolbaran remixes
Release date: August 18th 2011