Crash „The Remixes“


Artist: Absolut & Blade
Title: Crash „The Remixes“
Remixers: Logiztik Sounds & Balcazar, La Baaz, Schoenbrunn & Pfenning, Development Inc, Trevor McGregor, Dave Jales, Khainz, Aerospace, Prime Time, Sean McClellan, Ytse
Label: KumQuat Tunes
Release Date: July 24th, 2008
Cat. No: KUM007
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Genre: Various Genres

Available for download

We are pleased to announce the winners of the „Absolut & Blade – Crash“ Remix Contest. Over 400 peoples has entered the contest. It was not an easy decision to choose from over 50 submissions.
Our goal was to get different styles and grooves. Finally we present the Contest Winners! With this massive release we are closing a brilliant chapter in the Progressive House scene. For the future we will keep more openminded and go one the further to open our specturm for Techno-Minimal Tunes.


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